Saturday, August 10, 2013

Contender for Samsung S4 - Nokia Lumia 925 from Flipkart


Nokia has been dominating the mobile phone manufacturing sector for as long as anyone can remember, with the invention of one mobile wonder after another. With the introduction of the Nokia Lumia 925, they have proved once more that they are the indisputable giants in mobile phone making. The Lumia 925 has all the features and applications any modern electronic device should have in order to be the perfect companion of any technology-loving user who decides to go for it.
The Nokia Lumia 925 comes with the best touch screen technology. This modern mobile wonder comes with several features and applications for both professional and relaxation requirements. With an image capturing ability that functions perfectly despite the weather condition and in the dark, taking pictures with the Lumia 925 is always a delight. With the Lumia 925, you can capture your very exciting moments in sequence and even add some animations to the pictures you take to increase the fun.When it comes to video coverage, the Lumia 925 comes with a very high camera resolution which makes video recording, video calling and still image capturing very exciting.
The Lumia 925 helps you understand your locations at every point with its unique maps application. When it comes to sharing your thoughts and feelings on social newtorks, either in words, or in pictures, the Lumia 925 conveys your feelings to the extreme. With a battery life that lasts for days when fully charged, you will be able to enjoy other applications such as: windows and other software,high security, e-mails and messaging, etc. The Nokia Lumia 925 is a real mobile wonder to possess.

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