Monday, December 9, 2013

Technology Behind Xperia SP


Xperia SP released by the sony company needs no introduction It has got an absolutely stunning look It is one of the best mid range,high-end android smart phone in the present market. lt is a fast and powerful phone with its unique design which provides you excellent value for money along with style and performance. It has a 4.6 inch display,soft and wide edge, HD resolution,powerful hardware along with ample storage The advancement in it is that Sony has put up with a LED in the bar on the Xperia SP which enables to to get a bright and multi coloured notification indicating when you have got a missed call or text message .This LED some times changes its colour to match with the shade of the screen which makes it look so neat and pretty. It's smooth and light weight makes it more comfortable in holding The 3D performance of the phone is outstanding The battery life is about 7hrs even after continuous using which is about average for a modern smart phone.The display of the phone is very sharp and bright.Sony claims that it it uses similar technology for Xperia SP as it uses for it Bravia TVs.

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