Monday, December 9, 2013

Review about Apple iPhone


Well, all of you know phone's brand named Apple. iPhone is one of Apple product. One of the Best-Selling Smartphones in the world. Here, I will give my review about iPhone
Everybody know that iPhone5 is slimmer and lighter. Some like it but, it may seem so easy to break. But what makes it great is the taller screen. But, if compared to other srnartphones such as Samsung Galaxy s4, it has smaller screen. Even though, Apple iPhone5 is very much worth it About the specs, it was perfect for gaming, because of it's big RAM and high quality Screen. The color is richer that older iPhone But, if you wants to changed the theme icons or font, you must jailbreak your phone. Most of Apple product is locked inside, means that you can't modify the phone data. That is the only thing that considered frustrating for most of Apple users. You can't copy file, or even download from browser. That is why most of People choose to Jailbreak their iPhone5. But, the performance makes the cost so much worth
That's all for my review. You may want to check further about the phones Hope you like it 

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