Friday, August 23, 2013

For People Who Love Technology:Blackberry Q5 From Flipkart


Blackberry Q5 which you can buy from flipkart with offer is almost the same as blackberry Q10. They are more the same in the outside appearance where button and layout placement are the same. In this case, if you love the button and layout of blackberry Q10, then you will also love blackberry Q5. This phone is worth of your money, it has extra-ordinary features that will make you do a lot of things for instance the navigation, emailing, photography just to sample a few. The Blackberry Q5 phone, has along life battery of 2,180mAh, screen size of 3.1 inch, it weighs 4.2 equivalent to 120 grams. With this kind of weight, you will find it easy to carry and move with it more easily. The Blackberry Q5 phone has a considerable internal memory of 8GB, to add on that you can as well enjoy the external memory of up to 64 GB in MicroSD. Flipkart provides you excellent offers along with the product. 
Its camera is located strategically to capture both the forward and rear images, it is blue tooth enabled, has a radio, 2 GB RAM and WiFi, and many features that are more amazing. If you go in for this phone, then you will have bought the entire world in your pocket, because as much as it is a small object that you can put in a pocket, you can comfortable use it to be up to date with your environment. This is because, it has operating system that supports all the internet activities in a very fast manner. Blackberry Q5, has OS that runs on a 10.1 version, which helps the users to easily download email attachments, allows you to paste numbers in the dialer. The Blackberry Q5 is amazing as it is easy to move around the device as long as you get used to it. If you decide to choose this phone, then your money is secured. All that you need is to search the internet and buy your lifetime phone. You can buy Blackberry Q5 from Flipkart  . You can check lots more product review click here.

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